Much of her work today reflects a style of whimsy, organic in nature and even a sense of humour. She says "each piece I produce is a reflection of my personality, I love the quirky characteristics which often materialize from the start of a piece to completion"  This is what makes her work totally unique, as each human being is a 'one off', unique individual.

"Each piece I produce is a reflection of my personality"

People ask her where she gets her inspirational ideas from as her showroom houses a diverse array of work. From smoke fired thrown pieces to horse hair fired vessels to electric fired cone six glazed pieces. She says "often ideas evolve, for example, a design from five years ago may morph several times into something quite transformed from the original piece.  Her style is also influenced by the natural beauty of the surrounding countryside. The rock face, trees, their colours and textures.

Commissions Include:

Dinner Plates - The Mt. Julian Restaurant, The Viamede Resort, Woodview, Ontario.

Dinner Plates - Canoe Restaurant (Oliver & Bonacini owned) Toronto Dominion Centre.

Cups - Embossed with Reframe for the Peterborough Film Festival. Presented to all the film producers for 2014 & 2015.

A selection of plates and bowls for celebrity chef Lynn Crawford of Ruby Watchco Restaurant, Toronto. These items were made specifically for the new Canadian version of Iron Chef Canada, televised in October 2018. 

Butter Cup Vessels, Pate Dishes, Honey Pots - South Pond Farms, Bethany Hills. 


At the English Potter showroom you'll have a chance to meet Gail and discover first hand what she's been working on! 

Gail's Story

Gail West moved to Canada from the UK in the year 2000 shortly after attaining her Diploma for Design Studio Ceramics.  Prior to taking this creative course, she spent many years working in the corporate world in what she describes as unfulfilling employment in many fields.  She took some creative courses at her local college and explored subjects like, floral art, cake decorating and gourmet cooking. Then she hit on clay and was completely hooked.

Even whilst at college during her three year course, she was creating a make shift studio in her home, selling her work direct to local galleries and stores in England. She spent a year in the United States, prior to settling in Canada, where she joined a studio of local potters and perfected some of her original ideas. Much inspiration was found there for her large leaf impressed work which she still makes today, fifteen years on.

Gail's Studio

15 Burnham Street, Lower Level
Box 1547
Lakefield, Ontario, Canada
705 957-4245


Monday - Sunday, 10AM - 5PM


Eclipse Gallery - Deerhurst Estate, Huntsville

The Art School of Peterborough, Charlotte Street, Peterborough